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Channel and Duct Static Mixers

Statiflo’s Channel and Duct Static Mixers are revolutionising the design and operation of water and wastewater treatment plants. They are available in open channel or enclosed duct/conduit designs.

Statiflo Series 900 Channel Mixers rapidly achieve a high degree of mix with extremely low headloss in very short lengths.

Complete mixing in the channel is possible, achieving a low CoV, over a wide range of flowrates. With headlosses of just a few millimetres feasible, gravity flow is an option, eliminating the expense of pumping, saving not just capital costs, but ongoing maintenance and energy costs too.

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Channel and Duct Mixers, Static Mixer

Statiflo Channel Mixers can be installed in new treatment works or easily retrofitted into existing installations, even when flooded and live. The modular design concept, based on the STMC mixing elements, allows wide variations in aspect ratio (height/width) suitable for square or nearly square channel sections, narrow deep channels and wide shallow channels. Independent trials have established that the STMC concept is the most efficient of all known commercially available Static Channel Mixers.

Open channels can develop unusual velocity profiles not found in conventional piping systems. Statiflo has invested considerably in developing a procedure to ensure that the correct amount of additive is injected proportional to the local mainstream flowrate.

Applications include:

  • Raw water blending
  • pH control
  • Rapid coagulant addition
  • Polyelectrolyte dosing
  • Residence time control

The high efficiencies and benefits of the channel static mixer apply to any scale, with the smallest being just 0.3m x 0.3m and the largest installed to date is 8.5m wide x 7.5m deep, handling 7 tonnes/sec of water.

Watch our below video of the delivery and installation of what is possibly the largest Static Mixer in the world.

  • World Leading STM Technology  – available in a channel design

The Statiflo Open Channel and Closed Duct Mixers use STMC elements which are an adapted form of the revolutionary STM element design. The STM, and thus the STMC, elements have been proven to be one of the most efficient designs of static mixer available on the market achieving a CoV of 0.05 or less whilst maintaing a short overall mixing length and a low head loss.

  • Available for all channel, duct or conduit sizes

The minium channel size available is 0.3m wide x 0.3m depth but there is no maximum limit on size. Statiflo have supplied some of the largest static mixers in the world, with current installation ranging all the way up to 8.5m wide x 7.5m depth.

  • Modular design means any channel aspect ratio is possible

Whether the channel or duct is square, narrow and deep, wide and shallow, or anywhere in between Statiflo’s specially developed modual element design means a suitable solution can be offered for any space requiring mixing.

  • Welded or bolted constructions available

For large channels or where access for installation is limited Statiflo can offer a bolted mixer design whereby one section of the mixer can be installed at a time. Once the first section is secure in place, another section can be bolted on to it and so on. The bolted construction in sections also means expense can be saved on shipping. Alterantively Statiflo can supply a fully welded solution, meaning all that needs to be done on-site is securing the mixer to the channel walls.

  • Materials to suit your requirements

Mixers available in all commercial available metallic materials including stainless steel or high grade duplex and super duplex stainless steels. Epoxy coating of the mixing elements is also available to protect your asset and prolong the design life of the mixer.

  • Performance Guarantee

Every Statiflo Channel/Duct Static Mixer comes with guaranteed performance. Our static mixer designs have been extensively and rigorously tested under industry-realistic conditions to allow us to guarantee the mixing performance and the head loss across the mixer. If required Statiflo can perform CFD simulations for specific conditions.

  • Testing Standards

A full visual inspection is carried out on each unit before it leaves our premises, along with a dimensional check and any other testing which is required.

  • Complete with Statiflo’s standard documentation set

Your Static Inline Mixers will come complete with customised GA Drawing, 3.1 Material Certification, a Certificate of Conformity and one copy of our Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual. Other documentation is available upon request.

  • Warranty Period

As standard, Statiflo offers a warranty of 12 months from plant commissioning or 18 months from equipment delivery, whichever is the sooner. Extended warranties can be supplied upon request.

  • Spare Parts / Special Tools

Statiflo products have no moving parts there is no requirement for expensive spares or special tools.

  • Supervision for Installation and Commissioning

The ‘plug and play’ design there is no requirement for supervision for installation or commissioning. The extremely simple installation is covered entirely by the Installation, Operation & Maintenance manual supplied with each order.

If you would feel more comfortable having guidance on-site, Statiflo can send one of our highly qualified engineers to guide and supervise the installation to give you the confidence that everything is done correctly.


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    The above is a brief over of the Statiflo Channel and Duct Mixer.

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