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General Industrial Static Mixer (Series 100/150)

Statiflo General Industrial Inline Static Mixers suitable for all process industries supplied with fixed or removable mixing elements.

Usually supplied with SO or WN flanged end connections, but could equally be supplied with plain or weld prepared ends. Screwed/threaded end connections available for smaller sizes.

Optional flanged or threaded injectors and sampling points. Optional heating/cooling jackets.

Can be supplied in all commercially available metallic materials.

Pipe Static Mixers
  • Market-leading mixing element designs

Supplied with fixed STL elements (Series 100) or fixed STM elements (Series 150), with adjustable element geometry to meet your specific maximum headloss or maximum overall length requirements. For Custody Transer/Fiscal Measurement applications a specialist adapted type of mixing element is used

  • Available for all pipe sizes

Diameters from as small as DN15 (1/2″) with no theoretical upper limit.

  • Superior mixture qualities achievable

Designed to achieve a Coefficient of Variation (CoV) of 0.05 or less by the discharge of the mixing elements for miscible systems – meaning you can take a representative sample at the downstream end of the mixer.

  • Accessories to complement

Available with optional Statiflo Chemical Dosing Lances to fine tune the mixing performance, or with integral sample connections.

  • Materials to suit your requirements

Stainless steel, epoxy coated carbon steel, Alloy C276, Dulplex/Super Duplex, Inconel or any other commercially available material.

  • Performance Guarantee

Every Statiflo Series 100/150 Inline Static Mixer comes with guaranteed performance. Our static mixer designs have been extensively and rigorously tested under industry-realistic conditions to allow us to guarantee the mixing performance and the head loss across the mixer. If required Statiflo can perform CFD simulations for specific conditions.

  • Testing Standards

A full visual inspection is carried out on each unit before it leaves our premises, along with a dimensional check and any other testing which is required.

Optional tests available including hydrotest, radiography, magnetic particle inspection (MPI), Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI), positive material identification (PMI) or ultrasonic testing (UT) are all available.

  • Design Codes and Standards

Available design codes include ASME B31.3, ASME VIII div 1, AD2000 Merkblatt, PED2014/68/EU and many others to suit your requirements.

  • Complete with Statiflo’s Standard Documentation Set

Your Static Inline Mixers will come complete with customised GA Drawing, 3.1 Material Certification, a Certificate of Conformity and one copy of our Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual.

  • Further Documentation Supplied for High Levels of QA

Other optional documentation such as NDT procedures/reports, hydrotest reports, Quality Plan/Inspection Test Plan, Production Schedule, WPS/PQRs is available upon request.

  • Warranty Period

As standard, Statiflo offers a warranty of 12 months from plant commissioning or 18 months from equipment delivery, whichever is the sooner. Extended warranties can be supplied upon request.

  • Spare Parts / Special Tools

Statiflo products have no moving parts there is no requirement for expensive spares or special tools.

  • Supervision for Installation and Commissioning

The ‘plug and play’ design means there is no requirement for supervision for installation or commissioning. The extremely simple installation is covered entirely by the Installation, Operation & Maintenance manual supplied with each order.

If you would feel more comfortable having guidance on-site, Statiflo can send one of our highly qualified engineers to guide and supervise the installation to give you the confidence that everything is done correctly.


Mixer Sizing Questionnaires


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Product Brochures

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